We use several CAD / CAM systems and add-on applications not only from different vendors, but also applications developed directly for our needs for programming CNC machines, construction work and all technical production preparation.

Our activity also includes technical support and assistance in working with CAD / CAM systems and their implementation into production.





The only updated CAD system. We plan to gradually move to Autodesk products. This is mainly due to the licensing of the Inventor HSM CAM system.

It is currently used for loading and repairing 3D data sent by our customers and for design.





We use CNC as a CAD support for HSM Works.
Currently not updated. Version 14 is available.




Our CNC machines are mainly programmed by HSM Works. We still find this system more user friendly and faster for programming than Inventor HSM.

We are reconciled to the gradual transition to Inventor HSM, and we believe that the progressive evolution of Inventor HSM tools will be even better than the current HSM Works.




We provide technical support to SprutCAM, develop postprocessors, machine schemas, and participate in system improvement.
We closely cooperate with SprutCAM distributor for Czech Republic, SoliCAD s.r.o.

We use SpruCAM actively to program 5-axis continuous machining. It has both its own operations to create 5-axis smooth tracks Milling, the integrated Moduleworks system is used, which is used by other, more complex and expensive CAM systems.